Recycle Ledger

The Most Reliable Biofuel Certification Data

No More Paper Receipts,
No More Excel Spreadsheets.

We build Trust

We record Recycle Feedstock
Traceability Information
on a Blockchain Ledger
to enhance the value of Circular Resources
and contribute to Carbon Neutrality.

Generating and recording
transparent traceability
information using
Blockchain Technology

Accurate recycle feedstock
information tracking
through Digitalization
in the Biofuel sector

Leveraging Fourth Industrial
Revolution technologies
(IoT, Blockchain, AI) to create
trustworthy Digital Information

AI-Powered recommendation for
Optimal Collection
Route Guidance System
to reduce Carbon Intensity

We recommend the optimal
destinations for collectors
using a big data-based
AI route recommendation system.

Accurately checking the travel distance
reduces travel time,
allowing for more used cooking oil collection and
minimizing carbon emissions.

Short travel time, low carbon emissions

Precise Weight Measurement
through IoT Technology

Say goodbye to guesswork when
estimating collection quantities!
Recycle Ledger offers a range of
in-house developed IoT sensors
for easy and accurate measurement.

Recycle Ledger is inclusive in its approach
to used cooking oil collection.
Our sensors can measure all container types worldwide,
from jerry cans and drums to IBC tanks.

Accurate weight measurement connected to sensor

Recycled Feedstock Tracking Information
Transmission System

The app and sensors automatically record
the data on the blockchain.
You can easily transmit the data to the next buyer or
certifying authority with just a few clicks.

You no longer need to go through
the cumbersome task of manually
transferring information from inconvenient
paper receipts to Excel.




Transparent and
Accurate Blockchain System

All this data is recorded transparently
on the blockchain
to provide precise biofuel data and
successfully support biofuel certification acquisition.

Blockchain based
one-stop solution
from point of origin to end user

No more paper receipt, No more Excel
We provide easy and reliable way to trace feedstock
from point of origin

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